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The goal of naturopathy is to help clients discover the root cause of wellness issues and bring balance to the whole person—physically, emotionally and spiritually (body, soul, and spirit). Naturopaths use natural modalities such as dietary and lifestyle changes, detoxification, herbal remedies, essential oils, and vitamins and minerals to address deficiencies and bring balance back to the person. They are not medical doctors and do not treat symptoms by performing surgeries or writing prescriptions.

As a naturopath, Chip Gilmour believes there are two things that can bring healing to a person: God and the person’s own body. He adheres to the basic belief of naturopathy that “the body can heal itself of just about anything (short of amputations, etc.) if clear of toxins and if given proper nutrition, rest, mental outlook, and natural stimulation” (Naturopathy For the 21st Century, 11).

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Your appointment will consist of gathering information, discussing your concerns, and creating
a plan to achieve your wellness goals. Gathering information will consist of:

A wellness inventory to discuss your health history, present concerns, previous strategies for addressing issues, diet and lifestyle.

A urine and saliva assessment to determine underlying imbalances in the physical body (see instructions below).

Fingernail and tongue analysis to further determine which areas of the body might be under the most stress.

Attention to emotional and spiritual root factors that are known to be related to your issues.



In order to make sure that your urine and saliva test is accurate

  Do not attempt to bring samples with you. Samples must be given at the office.

  Have nothing to eat 90 minutes before giving your urine and saliva samples. This includes all gum, coffee, tea, candy or breath mints in your mouth.

  You may SIP on water if you are thirsty, but do not chug or drink too much at one time.

  Try to avoid driving long distances to the office because holding urine too long in the bladder may affect the tests accuracy.

  DO NOT CHANGE your regular lifestyle routine before being tested. For example, continue to take any supplements as you normally would. If you take medications, continue to take them. Adhere to your regular lifestyle including all eating, drinking and exercising etc. before being tested.

  DO NOT FAST. Fasting may cause what is known as a “no picture.” Eat your regular meals at the regular times.

These instructions are intended to ensure that your body is under its typical daily lifestyle load and routine reflecting all causes and their effects to be revealed in the test analysis.

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Full body, Upper Body, and Breast Thermal Imaging

Thermography is a completely non-invasive, safe, and effective means of detecting dysfunction in the body. For more information on thermography please see www.brasthermography.com

Biomat sessions. The biomat brings the power of natural amethyst together with far infrared heat to promote the body’s own natural healing and detoxification.

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